Biota Palau公司及其销售Biota Aquariums正迅速发展成为水族业最先进的水产养殖企业之一。Biota公司对繁殖的物种以及如何繁殖都有独特的方法,为我们带来珊瑚美人五彩青蛙小丑炮弹,以及最近培育出花斑金花鮨理想圈养鱼类。


我们已经阐明如何培育珊瑚美人这种神仙鱼,并查看了佛罗里达州Biota Aquarium水族馆非常完备设施,但如果您想更好地了解整个操作过程,那就观看他们最新的宣传视频。除培养理想的观赏物种外,Biota Palau公司还与地方当局合作,培养隆头鹦鹉鱼美味的河豚鱼鱼类补给到当地的珊瑚礁 



There’s A Whole Lot Going On At Biota Palau (Video)

Several years in and Biota Palau, together with its distribution arm Biota Aquariums, is quickly becoming one of the most progressive aquaculture enterprises in the aquarium hobby. Bringing us desirable captive bred fish such as Coral Beauty angelfish, mandarin dragonetsclown triggerfish, and most recently Borbonius anthias, Biota has a very unique approach to the species they breed, and how they breed them. 

We’ve done a small part to shine a light on How Coral Beauty Angelfish are made, and checked out the very nice Biota Aquarium facility in Florida, but if you want a better overview of the entire operation their newest promotional video really brings it home. In addition to culturing desirable ornamental species, Biota Palau is also working with local authorities to culture fish for restocking local reefs, such as bumphead parrotfish and delicious rabbitfish.