Continuum Aquatics公司新推出了Reef BasisCoral Color两个系列添加剂,用于补充珊瑚缸的矿物质和微量元素。Reef Basis系列KH Buffer缓冲剂、Calcium +添加剂和Magnesium添加剂可平衡水族箱中的矿物元素,而Coral Color系列Intense H添加剂、Intense MIntense V添加剂基本可以满足水族箱珊瑚和珊瑚礁动物的其他生化需求。

多年来,珊瑚礁水族主要关注碱度和镁的水平,通常采用最优的方法调节它们的浓度,促进珊瑚健康生长,我们现在称之为简单的两部分或三部分添加法 然而,现在的珊瑚礁爱好者不仅追求珊瑚健康生长,而且希望尽量增加珊瑚的颜色因此微量元素氨基酸和维生素变得越来越重要。


对于我们这些努力珊瑚快速生长和加强着色鲜艳的玩家来说,将氨基酸维生素和各种微量元素综合起来让各种元素平衡,是一个尝试犯错的过程。Continuum Aquatics公司新推出的六种新型水族箱添加剂的真正创新之处在于它们明确了特定的添加比例。

其他公司也发布过添加剂的比率比例使用技巧,但我们认为Reef BasisCoral Color系列至今发布的解决方案中最完善的产品。当然,钙碱度和镁成分的用量需要保持总体平衡Coral Color系列Intense V添加剂、Intense HIntense M添加剂以钙浓度作为珊瑚生长和摄取的指标,提供了全面的卤素维生素氨基酸主要次要微量元素。


如果您是一名珊瑚养殖者在认真考虑如何平衡镁和碱度三大要素请采取一切方法进行。然而,如果的珊瑚生长良好,矿物质达到平衡,但您希望它们加鲜艳多彩、生机勃勃那么Continuum公司的三种Coral Color添加剂非常适合您。该系列添加剂的配方平衡全面,可以让您的珊瑚和珊瑚缸更加美丽健康


Continuum Reef Basis & Coral Color is a Complete Dosing System

Reef Basis and Coral Color is a new handful of additives from Continuum Aquatics that aims to simplify the complete dosing of minerals and trace elements for reef tanks. Reef Basis KH Buffer, Calcium +, and Magnesium handle the mineral balance of aquarium chemistry, while Coral Color Intense H, Intense M and Intense V help to round out virtually every other biochemical needs of aquarium corals and reef animals. 

For years the reef aquarium hobby has primarily focused on maintaining appropriate levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium for optimal coral growth, usually in an optimized approach we now call simple two part or three part dosing. However with reef aquarists now striving to no just have great coral growth but also maximum coral color, the importance of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins has become a more important part of the conversation. 

For those of us striving to give our corals the best chance for fast growth and intense, vibrant coral coloration, piecing together amino acids, vitamins, and diverse groups of trace elements can really be a process of trial and error to get everything in balance. The really innovative part of Continuum Aquatics’ six new bottles of reef aquarium additives is that they are intended to be used in specific ratios. 

We’ve seen ratios and proportions of additives promoted as a technique by other companies, but we believe Reef Basis together with Coral Color is the most complete offering ever released in so few solutions. Naturally, the calcium, alkalinity and magnesium components are used as needed to maintain appropriate levels of each. But using the concentration of calcium as the indicator of coral growth and uptake, the dosing of Coral Color Intense V, Intense H & Intense M provides a complete suite of Halogens, Vitamins, Amino Acids and major & minor trace elements.

If you’re at a level of reefing where you’re still wrapping your head around the maintenance of the big three elements – calcium, magnesium and alkalinity – by all means carry on with that path. However if your corals are growing pretty well, your mineral balance is dialed in but you’re interested in getting more vibrant, colorful and thriving corals, Continuum’s three Coral Color additives is a very promising and complete technique to taking your corals and reef tank to the next level. [Continuum Aquatics]