Faun Marin公司推出Elementals系列水族液体添加剂。虽然Fauna Marin旗下有大量添加剂元素补充剂食品维生素氨基等产品,但这是他们首次推出液体添加剂补充海水矿物化学主要组成成分


目前,如果您要添加缓冲剂或镁等物质,可以自行将Fauna Marin的添加剂干粉混合使用。虽然这是混合钙碳酸盐和镁的最经济法,但这些粉末的纯度限于一定的阈值。

Fauna MarinElementals添加剂实质是其Ultra Balling Light添加剂的预混合版本,具有更高的纯度并经过该公司的海水研究实验室ICP设备测试,达到精确浓度。Elementals添加剂主要包含等溶液,还有一种亚硝酸盐和磷酸盐溶液用于运行营养含量非常低的珊瑚缸。

Fauna Marin Elementals Are Very Pure Liquid Calcium, KH, Magnesium & Potassium

Faun Marin is releasing a new line of liquid aquarium additives called simple, Elementals. While Fauna Marin has perhaps one of the most extensive catalogs of additives, elements, supplements, foods, vitamins, aminos etc, this is the first time they’ve offered a liquid additive for the main building blocks of seawater mineral chemistry. 

Until now if you wanted Calcium, Buffer, or Magnesium from Fauna Marin these have been available as a dry powder that you mix up yourself. While this might be the most economical way to mix calcium, carbonate & magnesium, the purity of these powders is limited to a certain threshold. 

Fauna Marin Elementals are essentially pre-mixed versions of their Ultra Balling Light additives, with an extra level of purity and accuracy of concentration tested by their Seawater Research Lab ICP machine. The main solutions of Fauna Marin Elementals will include Calcium with Strontium, Magnesium, Alkalinity, and even a Nitrite & Phosphate solution for reef tanks running very low nutrients.