ATLEDTiS公司研发了许多独特的水族灯具。他们新推出的Pro I灯具是一款十分优秀的设备。它引人注目的原因之一无疑是采用了坚固的金属板结构,但在外壳之下还有许多独特和有趣的功能。


首先,ATLEDTiS Pro I的光谱是由RGB-W二极管按照淡水植物需要的光谱而组合提供的。然而,如果ATLEDTiS调整一下二极管的比例,Pro I可能是一款非常实用的珊瑚缸灯具。


此外,LED上还有一个辅助柔光护罩,使Pro I产生的光线更柔和,并进一步促进色彩混合。除了光谱外,Pro I还采用了一个非常有趣的磁性电源端口——Apple MacbookMagSafe 电源端口,并且两侧都有一个,因此您可以将电源线放置在理想的位置,保持灯具的线路整齐。


另外,无线控制对于高性能LED珊瑚缸灯具来说是非常棒的,但更简便的专用遥控器也不错。只要您不丢失它,ATLEDTiS Pro I附带的遥控器是非常实用的。您可以快速访问此灯具的控制和编程功能。


这款灯具虽然是专为水草缸和淡水缸而设,但仍然可以作为极好的珊瑚礁灯。虽然Pro I不及德国公司LupyLED的灯具那样工艺优秀,但它已经非常不错了。希望ATLEDTiS公司能够为海水缸和珊瑚缸研发这样的灯具,也许是Pro II吧。


ATLEDTiS is a company that has presented the aquarium hobby with some unique lights before, but their new Pro I fixtures is a real standout unit. Of course its solid metal slab construction is a real eye catcher but there’s a plethora of unique and interesting features waiting to be discovered under the hood.


First off, it’s important to note that the spectrum of the ATLEDTiS Pro I is delivered by RGB-W diodes in such a combination to recreate a great spectrum for live freshwater plants. However, if ATLEDTiS tweaked the proportions of diodes the Pro I could be an incredibly useful reef aquarium light. 


Furthermore the LEDs have a secondary splash guard and diffuser which creates a soft glow of light from the Pro I, as well as further assists with color mixing. Beyond the spectrum, the Pro I uses a very interesting magnetic power port, a-la magsafe of Apple Macbooks, and there’s one on both sides so you can place the power cord in the ideal way to preserve clean lines of the light assembly. 


Also, it’s super great to have wireless control of our high performance LED reef aquarium lights but there’s something to be said for simpler dedicated remote controls. As long as you don’t lose it, the remote included with the ATLEDTiS Pro I is a more practical way to quickly access the control and programming features of this light fixture. 


While this light is intended for the live planted tanks and freshwater aquariums, it’s not lost on us that this is a simply gorgeous reef light, perhaps encroaching on LupyLED territory, although certainly not made to the same exacting German specifications. Nevertheless, ATLEDTiS has created something very beautiful with the Pro I, and we can only hope that we see a saltwater and reef version, perhaps a Pro II, sooner rather than later.