Hydro Wizard水泵的流量极高,尤其适合大型和超大型珊瑚缸,是最受欢迎的水泵产品之一。这些水泵运行安静且强大,而且在水族箱的景观中十分突出。


多年来,Tunze公司一直将大型水泵与陶瓷岩石融合在一起。现在,Panta Rhei又提出了独家解决方案。这些用于Hydro Wizard水泵的装饰岩石由Back To Nature制造,采用轻质玻璃纤维制成,能够将水泵完美地隐藏在水族箱装饰中。


Back To Nature装饰岩石适用于Hydro Wizard 42HW 63水泵。比起陶瓷岩石的不规则表面,它们更加美观自然。而且它们由轻质玻璃纤维制成,整个装饰岩石可以固定在Hydro Wizard水泵的外流喷嘴上,磁性安装架足以承载整个组件。





The Hydro Wizard pumps are among the most popular for extreme high flow requirements, especially in large and extra large reef tanks. These pumps are quiet and powerful, but they are anything but low profile and protrude prominently into the aquarium aquascape.


Large pumps from Tunze have been hidden in ceramic pump rocks for years and now Panta Rhei has their own solution. Made of much lighter fiberglass by Back To Nature, these pump deco rocks for the Hydro Wizard are an attractive way to hide these pumps in your aquarium decor.


The Back To Nature deco rocks are available for the Hydro Wizard 42 and HW 63 and they are very attractive, and much more natural looking than the irregular surfaces of any ceramic pump rocks. Better yet, since they are made of lightweight fiberglass, the entire deco rock can be affixed to the outflow nozzle of the Hydro Wizard pump and the magnetic mount is more than enough to carry the entire assembly.


We couldn’t find precise pricing but a reasonable cost would be in the neighborhood of 100