Sacura sanguinea 是最新发现的花鲈亚科下的一个新物种,它们华丽的外表,仿佛是专门为它而定制一般。这种鱼在安达曼海仅有少数的记录,它们有一条艳丽的花纹,从脸部横跨至尾部。


野生Sacura sanguinea的标志就是从脸部开始的黄色面纹,逐渐过度到粉红色,并且在延伸至尾部时渐变为红色。它们辐射状细长的腹鳍和婀娜的尾鳍同样令人着迷。我们可能只有一张Sacura sanguinea的照片,但这张照片是多么美妙啊,也许是我们所见过保存最好的标本之一。


在最新版的《动物分类学》中Sacura被描述为MotomuraTomohiro VilasriSacura sanguinea作为海洋中,尤其是世界深水珊瑚礁区的最华丽、最多彩的鱼类,加入了S. parvaS. speciosa的行列。


Sacura sanguinea is a striking new species of anthias with a coloration and ornate finnage that is truly befitting of this group of fish. Described based on just a few specimens from the Andaman Sea, this new species has a radical band stretching from the face to the tail. 


What’s wild about this marking is that it starts out yellow on the face and around the eyes, bordered in pink, and gradually turns to red towards the tail.Naturally S. sanguinea has the attractive elongated fin rays in the hard and soft parts of the dorsal fins that Sacura are well known for. We may have only one picture of Sacura sanguinea but what a photo it is, perhaps one of the best of a preserved specimen we’ve ever seen. 


The newest species of Sacura is described by Motomura, Tomohiro & Vilasri in the latest edition of ZooTaxa. Sacura sanguinea joins the ranks of S. parva and S. speciosa as some of the most ornate and colorful fish in the sea, especially of the deeper reef regions of the world.