Navigobius asayake 是最新发现的由官方描绘的虾虎鱼。过去只在SCUBA潜水员所拍的照片上见过它。Navigobius属是在2009年建立的,目前已包含四种迷人独特的生物。


迄今为止, Navigobius属下的所有生物均发现于西太平洋,此外,东南亚的Navigobius asayake被发现于日本琉球群岛。一些Navigobius 属下的鱼仅仅在水下极深处被发现,但是N. Ayasake鱼非常奇怪,第一条鱼在水下150米深处被发现,而随后第二条却在同一地方的水下20米处被捕捉到。


像其他虾虎鱼尤其是它的近亲们一样,正如它的名字‘Sunrise Dartfish’ 一样,只能长到54mm或者2英寸长。身长不够,颜色来补,这种鱼颜色极多,粉红色的头部,银色的身躯,脸部有紫色黄色相间的面纹和背鳍纹,和紫红色的尾巴。



Navigobius asayake is the newest species of dartfish discovered to get an official species description. Once known only from pictures taken by SCUBA divers, the Navigobius genus was erected only in 2009 and has expanded rapidly to include four very distinct and attractive species. 


So far all the species of Navigobius have been found in the West Pacific or Southeast Asia with Navigobius asayake being collected in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Some species of Navigobius are only encountered at significant depth but N. ayasake is odd – the holotype was collected at 150 meters (nearly 500 feet) while the paratypes were caught at the reasonable depth of just 20 meters (65 feet) at one location. 


Like other dartfish and especially its congeners, the ‘Sunrise Dartfish’ as it is also called, only grows to just 54 mm or barely two inches long. What it lacks in size it makes up in exquisite coloration that ranges from pink in the head to silver in the body, with purple and yellow stripes on the face and markings in the fins and a reddish purple tail.