Fireline Optix是一家位于福罗里达州专门生产太阳眼镜的公司,不过他们经常不务正业。喜欢生产一些珊瑚水族用品。该公司生产的珊瑚观察镜C-137是一款有双重功能的放大镜。同时具有放大镜片和荧光滤光片。




这款观察镜最小型号是60mm,售价51美元(约350元人民币),普通款则是与 Portal DeepSee观察镜一样的尺寸,均为90mm,售价85美元(约584元人民币),由于该观察镜是3D打印技术所做,因此你可以特别定制你想要的颜色,你同样可以定制这款观察镜的尺寸,当然需要你多付一点点钱。



Fireline Optix is a Florida company specializing in sunglasses but with a few very interesting products for the reef aquarium hobby. The Coral Vision C-137 is Fireline Optix’s take on the reef tank viewer which is dual purpose, with both a magnifying lens and an optional add-on fluorescent filter. 


These hand built coral viewers are made from a 3D printed frame with strong neodymium magnets for each of the three parts of the C-137. There is a wet side which is a simple magnetic frame, a dry magnifying lens which goes on the outside of the tank walls, and a thin yellow fluorescent filter which can be used optionally in conjunction with the magnifier. 


Fireline Optix makes a 60mm ‘Micro’ version which starts at $51 and a regular version which is 90mm in diameter – about the same size as the Portal or DeepSee viewers – for $85. Since the C-137 is made from a 3D printed frame the viewer can be specially ordered in any a wide range of colors, and a customized lettering can also be selected for both sizes of the Coral Vision viewer at additional cost.