Deltec 7i 是一款最新型的火爆蛋白质分离器,它搭载了一 Abyzz最新款的超级水泵。该款蛋白质分离器全身,包括电线,采用黑色配色,以此来搭配Abyzz A200,看看这神摇意夺的外表。


除了搭载这颗昂贵的Abyzz A200水泵外, Deltec的安全设计也极尽完美。收集杯、扩散板和水位控制对于当前Deltec用户来说都是非常熟悉的。




这是自2014年超大型经典的柏林蛋白质分离器被设计以来,我们看到的第一台Abyzz驱动的蛋白质分离器。现在你应该预料Deltec & Abyzz的合作不会很便宜,但是只要3999美元(约合人民币26000元),你就能得到一台非常独特的蛋白质分离器,极具性价比。


The Deltec 7i is a new hot rod protein skimmer using the closest thing we have to a supercar water pump, the Abyzz. This particular needle wheel skimmer body sports all black accents to match the Abyzz A200, even the normally orange power cord has been made black to complete the ‘murdered out’ look. 


Besides the use of the spendy Abyzz A200 water pump Deltec played it pretty safe with the rest of the design; the collection cup, diffuser plate and water level control will all be very familiar to current users of the Deltec protein skimmer line. 


The one innovative feature that really stands out as far as the protein skimmer is concerned is the inclusion of Deltec’s novel overflow prevention system. This feature should come in super handy because although the Abyzz draws a modest 3,000 lph of air, it does so while mixing in 7,000 liters of air per hour. This is quite remarkable for a skimmer of this type considering there is over 65cm of water column for the air and water mixture to have long contact time. 


This is the first Abyzz powered protein skimmer we’ve seen since Schuran supersized the classic Berlin skimmer design back in 2014. By now you should expect the Deltec & Abyzz collaboration will not come cheap, but for $3999  you’ll get a very unique protein skimmer that packs a ton of power and performance into a tiny package.