Synergy Reef TS-44底缸融合了他们的冷色层压底缸与Triton设计。这款产品参加过MACNA展览会。


Triton方法在水族业内正占据主导地位,大多数底缸制造商都在研发Triton风格的底缸。Synergy Reef的彩色层压底缸设计确实引人注目。


正如该公司所述,它的设计旨在满足玩家的需求,他们需要的不仅是用于大型水族箱系统的普通底缸。Synergy Reef TS-44底缸包含符合Triton方法标准的藻缸(占系统容积的10%至20%),适用于最高200加仑(757升)的水族箱。


TS-44的基准尺寸为44 x 18 x 18英寸(11.2 x 4.6 x 4.6分米),藻缸占58加仑(220升)和17加仑(64升)。TS-44省去过滤器滤袋,在缓冲板之间使用介质盒放置过滤垫和介质袋。




具有色彩层压的Synergy Reef TS-44底缸起价为749.99美元。



The Synergy Reef TS-44 sump combines their cool color laminated sumps with a Triton method inspired design. These were showcased at MACNA, but in case you didn’t get there, the video below gives a nice visual walkthrough.


Like other methods that come through the hobby, the Triton method is taking hold and it seems like most sump makers are bringing a Triton-inspired sump in their lineup. But Synergy Reef’s color laminate design is a real show stopper. 


As the company states, it is designed to meet the demands of the reefer who needs more than the average off the shelf sump for large systems. This sump includes a refugium that meets the criteria for the Triton Method (10 to 20% of system volume) and is rated for tanks up to 200 Gallons.


Basic dimension on the TS-44 are 44 in. x 18 in. x 18 in. holding 58 gallons and 17 gallons in the ‘fuge. The TS-44 skips the filter socks in favor of media trays between the baffles for filter pads and media bags. 


They didn’t skimp on the little details — laser cutting and etching, precision-machined poly carbonate lids, rounded and chamfered edges, Euro-bracing with cord routing and Dosing connections built in, John Guest tubing holders for dosing or ATOs and more. 


The Synergy Reef TS-44 sumps with the psychedelic color lamination starts at $749.99.