ElosBashsea Aquatics我们最喜欢的两家公司。他们合作研发了一个极好的、完善的水族箱系统。Elos America选择了Bashea为他们的系列水族箱共同开发联合品牌一体式底缸。












Two of our favorite companies — Elos and Bashsea Aquatics — are teaming up to deliver a pretty incredible complete aquariums system. Elos America has tabbed Bashea to build and co-brand the life support systems for their line aquariums. 


The deal includes building custom sumps, reactors, and ATO tanks for the systems that will be distributed in the United States. 


In addition to this news in the U.S., Elos is now importing and distributing the Bashsea life support line throughout France, Italy, Holland, UK, Belgium and Germany. 


“There is a large pile of Bashsea sailing the seas as we speak. This is a victory on so many levels for us and we finally can get solid distribution overseas to fill the many inquiries we continue to get,” noted Bashea on their Facebook page. “The perfect example of REAL recognizing REAL!”


From looking at the pictures online, its nice to see the bright orange acrylic and custom Bashsea touches we’ve grown to appreciate. 


If you are looking for more information or to get your hands on an Elos/Bashsea combo, reach out to your favorite Elos dealer.