Orphek Amazonas 320灯具正式发布,为大型和公共水族馆增添了一项选择。去年年底Orphek Amazonas 80灯具推出时,我们提及了即将推出的更大型号Orphek Amazonas 320灯具。它具有四个多芯片LED阵列相当于一个400-1000W的传统金属卤灯。




Orphek XP 80蓝色LED


Amazonas 320的主力是密集矩阵LED,它减少了白光LED,并将彩色LED混合以提高显色指数——80W XP白光LED光谱(380-700nm)和80W XP蓝光LED光谱(380-500nm)。这些光谱可以形成许多组合,您也可以根据需要选购规格


每个矩阵由803W LED组成,使用Meanwell驱动器驱动功耗仅为1,效率更高、使用寿命更长。抛光铝杯反射器也可以选择15306090展宽反射器。整个设备的防护等级为IP67能够防止渗水




Orphek Amazonas 320 are custom-configured for large and public aquariums

The Orphek Amazonas 320 is now officially available as an option for large and public aquariums. Late last year when we wrote about the Orphek Amazonas 80, we mentioned the upcoming larger version Orphek Amazonas 320 that features four multi-chip LED arrays equivalent to a traditional 400-1,000W metal halide fixture.


Orphek has been testing the light and getting it over tanks to put it through its paces and now feels its ready for prime time. The light itself will vary in price, depending on what type of LEDs are installed, but will retail somewhere around $770 USD with free shipping.


The Orphek XP 80 blue LED


The workhorse for the Amazonas 320 are the dense matrix LED arrays that skip the white LEDs and blend colored LEDs for a higher CRI — the 80W XP v4 white LED spectrum (380 – 700nm) and 80W XP blue LED spectrum (380 – 500nm). The combination of four of these can provide many options as it is, but you can also request specifications to your needs.  


Each array is made of 80 3W LEDs that are driven at 1W for efficiency and longevity using Meanwell drivers. There are also options to swap the polished aluminum cup reflectors to a 15, 30, 60 or 90 degree spread. And the entire unit is IP67 rated to ensure they are resistant to water intrusion.