Seltz DVaria Flow最新官方名称自去年秋季MACNA展览会以来,Hydor公司慢慢揭开这款产品的神秘面纱。我们首先了解到的是,Seltz D不是一款直流可控泵,而是一款交流泵。对于珊瑚养殖者,其性能完全相同。


Seltz D采用创新的极电机提高了水流效率还设有内置控制器调节速度启动定时供给装置水泵就会自动暂停运行5分钟。这种交流电机无通过0-10伏输入进行外部速度控制,但您无需寻找直流电源,也不必担心组件发生故障。


前,我们从官方渠道了解到这款产品三种型号的规格及其流量今天我们了解到这种新型泵的定价Seltz D 1600的建议零售价为181.95美元,Seltz D 2400售价197.95美元,Seltz D 3200售价229.78美元。


Hydor Seltz D Controllable Pump Pricing

Seltz D is the newly revealed official name for the Varia Flow pump that Hydor has slowly been pulling back the curtain on since last fall at MACNA. The first thing we learned about the Seltz D is that it was in fact not a DC controllable pump, but an AC version which should perform identically as far as reefers are concerned. 


The Hydor Seltz D uses an innovative 6-pole motor to achieve high water flow efficiencies and has a controller built inline to adjust speed and to initiate the feed timer for five minute pauses. One thing you won’t get with this AC motor design is any external speed control via 0-10 volt input but you also won’t have to find a place for a DC power supply, or worry about the failure of that component. 


Just three weeks ago we got some official specifications on the three models and their respective flow rates, and today we discover how much this novel pump design will cost. The Seltz D 1600 will carry a suggested retail of $181.95, the Seltz D 2400 will be $197.95 and the largest Seltz D 3200 will top out at $229.78.