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一只幻想自己是鹿角珊瑚的鸟巢珊瑚 是鹿角珊瑚?还是鸟巢珊瑚,你分的清楚吗?

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鸟巢珊瑚是海洋和珊瑚缸中都比较常见的一种珊瑚,然而,我们仅仅是饲养这类珊瑚中的一小部分常见品种。我们常常饲养的鸟巢珊瑚有六个品种,不过,即使这六个品种在我们缸里千变万化,那也比不过一种叫Seriatopora dendritica的树枝状鸟巢那么神奇。



树枝状鸟巢珊瑚的野生样本是极度罕见的,这就是为什么当我们看到这种澳大利亚新采集的罕见的珊瑚时我们的感觉极度振奋,理论上来说,你会认为人们不太可能把一株鸟巢珊瑚误认为是鹿角珊瑚,但是这株珊瑚被当做了鹿角珊瑚运到了澳洲Gallery Aquatica这家水族店,原因显而易见。



拥有敏锐嗅觉的珊瑚鉴赏专家Ania Nerowski 和 Cam立即意识到这株珊瑚与众不同,他们对这株珊瑚精心照料,让它逐渐适应了珊瑚缸的生活环境。通过观察断肢以及这株珊瑚的特征,他们难以相信这株珊瑚与其他鹿角珊瑚有任何的不同,直到这株珊瑚恢复状态并开始生长。








Gallery Aquatica水族店的这株树枝状鸟巢与其他同类不同的是这株珊瑚颜色更加丰富,头部发出微妙的蓝色,像我们在天堂鸟或者一些猫骨上看到的颜色。这株第一颗野生树枝状鸟巢珊瑚在Gallery Aquatica里将会生长的非常好,因为Gallery Aquatica是澳洲珊瑚饲养和繁育的领导者,希望他们能在明年八月的澳洲ReefStock大会上为我们带来这个品种的大量断肢。



Birdnest corals are fairly common in the ocean and in our aquariums, however we really culture a handful of common species. These include the sharp branch birdnest, Seriatopora hystrix, and the blunt tip birdnest, S. caliendrum and the usually green S. guttatus. Although there are nominally only six species of birdnest corals, these are all highly variable but none is more exotic looking than the very bizarre Seriatopora dendritica. 


Wild specimens of the dendritic birdnest coral are beyond rare which is why our coral senses definitely perked up at the sight of a very peculiar colony recently collected in Australia. In theory you’d think there is no way that anyone could confuse a birdnest for an Acro but this coral was shipped to Gallery Aquatica as an Acropora, and it’s easy to see why. 


Eagle-eyed coral connoisseur Ania Nerowski and Cam immediately recognized this colony as being special and took special care to condition this coral so that it would acclimate to reef aquarium conditions. With damaged tips and very prominent corallites on the sides of the branches they had no reason to believe it was anything other than an acro, until the coral started perking up and growing. 


As soon as this colony developed some growth and color it was clear that this coral is not an Acro but instead a very special wild colony of the very rare S. dendritica. Interestingly, this species has been in the American reef aquarium hobby since the early 2000s from a colony collected in Pohnpei, formerly known as Phonape – hence the name of the Phonape birdnest. 


Just like that original strain this Australian dendritic birdnest colony has a green base and pink tips, with gnarly highly exert corallites that almost point downwards. After more then a 15 years in captivity the cultured Phonape birdnest has transformed its growth form to be very different from the wild colony, so it’s very cool to see what the species looks like when it’s fresh from the ocean. 


The one trait that appears different in Gallery Aquatica’s dendritic birdnest is that the polyps do appear to have much more color, somewhat of a subtle blue to the tips like we see in the Bird of Paradise Seriatopora or Stylophoras with colored polyps. The first new wild Seriatopora dendritica colony couldn’t have gone to a better aquarium group because Gallery Aquatica is a leader in coral culture and fragging in Australia, and hopefully they’ll have plenty of frags ready in time for ReefStock Australia in August next summer. 

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