Xaqua DNA SALT + MINERALS是意大利公司Xaqua研发的添加剂,正在市面上热销。这款添加剂将优质干盐与液态矿物质补充剂结合在一起,方便用户换水时一次性添加两种物质。


每盒包含5包Xaqua DNA Salt单次剂量独立包装,预先配备用于20、50或100升的水中,还有5个液体矿物质补充剂Xaqua DNA Minerals单次剂量独立包装。这款产品已经上市了一段时间,并已广泛分销。






每升水中加入38克Xaqua Salt,得到以下结果:

l 碳酸盐硬度 6-7°dKh

l 钙 420 mg / L.

l 镁 1350毫克/升

l 钾 380毫克/升

l 锶 8 mg / L.

l 硼 4.6mg / L.

l 硫 885 mg / L.

l 氟化物 1.3 mg / L.

l 溴 6.5 mg / L.


新南威尔士热带地区的水缺乏盐分,为了补充盐分,建议使用Xaqua DNA MINERALS进行最后的处理。


最小盒Xaqua DNA SALT + MINERALS在意大利的零售价约为28欧元,剂量可在20升的水体中使用5次;50升水的剂量包装为61欧元,100升水的剂量包装为109欧元。



Xaqua DNA SALT + MINERALS is hitting the market from this Italian company combining high-quality dry salts and liquid mineral supplements to deliver a one-two punch for your next water change.


Each box will contain five single-dose packets of Xaqua DNA Salt premeasured to prepare 20, 50 or 100 liters of water and five single dose packets of Xaqua DNA Minerals, a liquid mineral supplement. This has been on the market for a little while, but the company is beginning to distribute more broadly.


Like other premium salts, the idea is all about mimicking natural sea water and keeping unnecessary additives and pollutants out of the salt mix by using lab-grade products.


Another recent trend they are on is the simplicity and convenience of premeasured packages. Since all are measured and bagged their laboratory using high precision weighing and mixing tools, at controlled temperatures and humidity, it takes out the variables that could impact the mix.


Mixing 38g per liter of water of Xaqua Salt delivers these results:

· Carbonate hardness 6-7 ° dKh

· Calcium 420 mg/L

· Magnesium 1350 mg/L

· Potassium 380 mg/L

· Strontium 8 mg/ L

· Boro 4.6 mg/L

· Sulfur 885 mg/L

· Fluoride 1.3 mg/L

· Bromo 6.5 mg/L


To compensate for the rest of the missing salts present in tropical NSW it’s recommended to use the Xaqua DNA MINERALS for the final touch.


Xaqua DNA SALT + MINERALS retails for around