那么此类产品还怎样创新呢?Porthole viewer观察器和磁铁增添了产品的创意,改变了其单一用途。另外MOAI机器人清洁器中配备了一台照相机,为自动清洁器增加了另一项功能。


MOAI Robotic Aquarium Glass Cleaner & Camera







Aquatop adds LEDs to magnetic algae scrubber, can we innovate the algae scrubber any more?

Aquatop added LEDs to a magnetic algae scrubber and seeing the new product led us questioning can we innovate the magnetic algae scrubber any more?


First off, lets take a quick pass at the Aquatop algae magnet with LEDs. The triangular shape is a bit different from the norm and the LED lights are moderately useful, but at $24.95 is it worth the investment over other magnets like the MagFlip of MagFloat? Are there any more innovations we can bring to this handy tool?

Nano MagFloat excels at cleaning and turning corners


Over the last few years weve seen this handy tool evolve... from floating magnets, pads that dont scratch, ones with removable scrapers, get better into corners, a magnifying viewer and even LED lights. We have even seen these get high tech with automatic algae cleaners, cleaners with cameras, etc. So where else can these go?


The shape of magnets can only change so much - we have rectangles, squares, circles and triangular shapes. Not many other changes can be made to be effective. I mean a star-shaped scraper would be cool, but will it really clean any better?


The size can only go so far smaller or larger. The whole idea of cleaning magnets that people caught onto was just keeping them attached and out of the way as much as possible. This way you can just walk over and scrub as needed. Get too small and it takes too long to do or just doesnt have the power. Getting too big means it will cost a lot more and is just too damn big!


Robots and automation is cool, but do most hobbyists need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that serves one purpose like this? Wouldnt we rather spend the money on broader automation tools, life-support technology or cool new fish or corals?

The Portal viewer can magnify corals really well, Acro IDs will never be the same


What else can we have them do? The Porthole viewer and magnet was a fun way to break out of the single-purpose formula. Likewise, the MOAI is a robotic cleaner and a camera, adding at least another function to an automated cleaner.