Nero 5智能造浪泵是Aqua Illumination公司(后文简称AI公司)计划雄心勃勃冲击市场的新一代产品。Nero 5智能造浪泵是自Vortech变频造浪泵以来首次对螺旋桨泵进行重新设计,其内部电机相应配置了宽大的螺旋桨。由此这种型号的内置造浪泵性能强大,效率高,外形精巧,能推动宽阔的水量,为海缸制造大量的水流。


专注于外部硬件设计和制造的高质量只是打造造浪泵的关键之一,除此之外nero 5造浪泵的控制系统还采用AI公司的外部按键最小的设计理念。,优先采用无线的控制和设置功能。


现在许多智能造浪泵和海缸设备都惯用蓝牙技术进行无线连接和控制,而AI公司新推出的Nero 5智能造浪泵则首次搭载最新的蓝牙低功耗技术,设备之间无需关联匹配即可被智能手机上的myAI软件识别。用户享受无缝的安装和设置体验,并可通过智能手机随心所欲控制造浪泵的运行,操作尤为便捷。


对比现存的Vortech MP10中小型变频造浪泵而言,AI公司新推出的Nero 5智能造浪泵性能表现更为优越。为自己的海缸替换最新的Nero 5造浪泵是个不错的选择。也许您对现在使用的造浪泵感到十分满意,但安装和使用Nero 5智能造浪泵,您将获得更出色的体验,这不仅在于其灵敏的无线操控,更重要是其能为海缸提供宽阔的水流。



The Nero 5 pump from Aqua Illumination is the first new product category from the lighting company ever and they swung for the fences with ambition. With its internal motor surrounded by a broad spinning propeller, the Nero 5 is the first fundamental redesign of the propeller pump since the Vortech pumps. The resulting water mover is an internal style water pump which is powerful, efficient, low profile but still pushes a broad cross section of water in a manner which generates the most water movement for our reef tanks. 


It’s one thing to build great hardware but that’s only one half of the equation for today’s smart water pumps so the inline controller follows in the style of AI’s minimal external buttons and instead opts for full wireless controllability and programmability.


Plenty of pumps and smart aquarium devices use bluetooth as a protocol for wireless connection and control/ but the AI Nero 5 is the first to use the newest flavor of Bluetooth called Bluetooth LE. This new wireless standard requires no discovery or pairing of associated devices and is instantly recognized by the myAI smartphone app. This results in a seamless setup and installation experience where users can immediately start dialing in the Nero 5 to their needs and ‘make it dance’ from the convenience of their smartphones.


It’s this combination of performance and smart features which compelled us to install a pair of the AI Nero 5 pumps on our personal reef tank, replacing our de facto choice for small and medium sized reefs, the Vortech MP10. We all get very comfortable with the gear that we use but after a week of adjustment, the pump placement and programming we’re very pleased with the Nero 5 pumps, both in how responsive they are to wireless control, but mostly for the broad cross section of water flow they move.