Nyos Torq介质反应器采用了全新设计,令人惊喜Nyos Torq三种尺寸采取模块化设计还有一个特别的泵底座驱动整体不同于我们见过的所有介质反应器。



Nyos Torq是一款先进的新介质反应器。两个基本部分组成——底座主体Torq的底座实际上是该系统的基础,其中包括一台12瓦可控/可调泵,额定功率可达每小时1000升,即264加仑/小时。


Torq的主体反应室,可直接安装在底座并且有三种尺寸。这三种尺寸的反应室以体积命名,包括小Torq Body 0.75Torq Body 1.0和大Torq Body 2.0尺寸较大的两种反应室有一个可选分离器用于混合和配制介质。


Nyos Torq的底座与主体结合在一起就成为一个美观的自供电介质反应器主体采用0.75型号反应器整体高度为18.5英寸47厘米而采用1.0升或2.0升的版本反应器的整体高度21英寸53.3厘米Nyos Torq底座的零售价格约为95美元,主体每个售价69美元,合计165美元,适合各种水族箱




我还没有亲眼见到Nyos Torq介质反应,但我知道这将是我最喜欢水族工具之一。


Nyos Torq Media Reactor is all about that Base!

The Nyos Torq media reactor is a spanking new design that should get everyone much more excited about using chemical medias again. With its modular design that comes in three sizes and a special pumping base to power it all, the Nyos Torq is unlike any media reactor weve ever seen.


Activated carbon and granular ferric oxide, when used properly, can go a long way to keeping a tank clean and clear. But the hassle of changing out filter bags and servicing the current crop of media reactors is much harder than it should be.


The Nyos Torq is a radical new take on media reactors with two basic components - the dock and the body. The Torq dock is literally the foundation of this system which includes a 12 watt controllable/adjustable pump rated for up to 1,000 liters per hour, or 264 gph.


Meanwhile the yos Torq body is the actual chamber that fits directly into the Torq Dock and they come in three sizes. These are named for their volume in liters and include a small Torq Body 0.75, medium 1.0 and large 2.0, with two bigger sizes having an optional separator for mixing and matching medias.


When you put the Nyos Torq Dock and Bodies together you get a swanky, self-powered media reactor that stands 18.5 inches tall in the 0.75 liter model, and just 21 inches for the Torq 1.0 and 2.0 versions. The Nyos Torq Dock will retail for around $95 and the bodies will each cost $69 for a total of $165 to suit a wide range of tanks.

We especially love how youll be able to start with a dock and any size body to suit your system, but can switch out the bodies for different sizes depending on your tank and amount of media youre hoping to use. Better yet, I plan to have spares of the body so I can hot-swap chemical medias with even greater ease.


I havent seen the Nyos Torq media reactor yet but already I know this is going to be one of my favorite new reef toys. You can count on us to get some quality time wit the new Torq media reactor in the Nyos booth at InterZoo next week.