Professional Reef Salt珊瑚盐是一款新型海水混合物,产自美国优质的在线水族生物商家LiveAquaria。多年来,LiveAquaria在珊瑚农场和鱼类养殖场中一直使用Reef Crystals作为独家配方,但在过去的六个月里,他们倾向于采用更符合其特定需求的盐混合物。


LiveAquaria对Professional Reef Salt的最主要要求是混合物清洁、干净、无残留。对于每隔几天就要混合产生数千加仑海水的设施而言,这个细节非常重要。这些设施处于巨大的容器中,有着几十英尺的管道,难以清洁。





Professional Reef Salt is a new seawater mix from the one and only LiveAquaria, America’s powerhouse for quality online aquarium livestock. For years LiveAquaria relied on Reef Crystals as their exclusive formula in the coral farm and fish holding facility but over the last six months they’ve gravitated towards a salt blend that is more in line with their discriminating needs.


One of the biggest criteria that LiveAquaria had for Professional Reef Salt is a formula that mixes up clean and clear with no residue. This detail is incredibly important for a facility that mixes up thousands of gallons of seawater every couple of days, in huge vats with many dozens of feet of plumbing that aren’t practical to clean, nor would you want to have to do that in the first place.


The levels are specified to have a slightly elevated alkalinity of 9 dKH, 1350-1400 ppm Magnesium and a calcium level of 440 to 450 ppm. Professional Reef Salt will be available towards the end of September in three different sizes, a 53 gallon bag, a 180 gallon bucket, and a 205 gallon box and they’ll be having a huge promotion for people who are signed up to the LiveAquaria newsletter for the actual launch.