Triton Organics 是我们五月份在德国InterZoo第一次听到的概念,但现在看来,Triton终于揭开了他们下一个大动作的“面纱”。这家公司多年专注于海缸化学方面研究,其中Triton Organics旨在辅助平衡海缸的水质。



Triton Reagents Organics包括两种的氮、磷添加剂,分别称为阿尔法和贝塔。添加像氮和磷这样的有机物不仅适用于营养盐极低的系统,而且还有助于最大限度地实现这两种重要元素的比例平衡。我们猜测阿尔法是氨的一种形式,而贝塔是亚硝酸盐的一种形式,它们各自的瓶子上的NH和NO也表明了这一点。



也许Triton Reagents Organics更有趣的新产品是生物碱(Bio-Base),它被描述为一种生物维持系统,它“加强微量元素补充剂的生物可利用性,增强海水系统中有益的代谢效应。有助于防止蓝藻“。这听起来像是来自Marc Weiss Coral Vital添加剂公司的吹嘘,像是用什么大力丸之类的大家听不懂的行话来推销他们的产品,但这句话确实是来自Triton这样一个值得信赖的品牌。


Triton Bio-Base(Triton的生物碱)有一个常规版和ULNS版,我们期待更多的细节,这些添加剂实际上如何维持海缸。这是我们现在要做的事情,但我们希望能详细描述这些产品是什么,它们是如何工作的,以及为这家德国公司开创了新的发展方向的Triton Organics Carbon(Triton的活性炭)。



Triton Organics is a concept we first heard about at InterZoo in Germany back in May but now it seems like Triton is finally to take the wraps off their next big move. After years of focusing on the elemental side of reef aquarium chemistry, Triton Organics aims to help balance out the biological side of water quality management.


The Triton Reagents Organics include two forms each of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, called Alpha and Beta respectively. Adding organics like nitrogen and phosphorus i snot just for ultra low nutrient systems but it also helps to balance out the ratio of these two important elements for maximizing biological balance. We presume that the Nitrogen Alpha is a form of ammonia while the Nitrogen Beta is a form of nitrite as evidenced by the NH and NO on their respective bottles.


Perhaps the more intriguing products of the new Triton Organics range is the Bio-Base which is described as a biological support system that “accelerates the bioavailability of trace element supplements, boosts beneficial metabolic effects in Reef Systems. Helps prevent Cyanobacteria”. This sounds suspiciously familiar to the promises made by the old Marc Weiss Coral Vital additive which used snake oil lingo to market their product but it means a lot more coming from a trusted brand like Triton.


Triton Bio-Base comes in a regular and ULNS version and we look forward more about the specifics of how these additives actually support reef aquarium biology. This is all we have to go on for now but hopefully we get detailed description of what these products are and how they work, along with the Triton Organics Carbon additives that kicked off the new direction for the German company.