Aeraqua Duo是迈光研发的一款极具创新性的蛋白质分离器。乍看之下,污水收集杯有着相当经典的外观和布局,蛋分整体在整洁一体性上也有了很大改进。






也许你在Aeraqua Duo这款蛋分上看到的最明显的特点,就是它使用了Maxspect的双截龙水泵。通过使用双涡轮,使得Aeraqua Duo已经有了两个针刷和蜗壳,用来吸收空气,并能够将它们分成非常细腻的气泡。单是这个特性就可以给迈光Aeraqua增加提供惊人的进气量。



但在泵内,Maxspect开辟了另一项创新,通过在空气和水的混合室内部配备双针轮。 有一个传统的针轮与电机一起旋转,同时也有一个固定的针轮,更像是一个针'环',内置在蜗壳中。 转动的针轮在该二级针环内旋转,进一步将空气 和水混合打成更高效的泡沫。



目前还没有关于新款迈光 Aeraqua Duo的尺寸,规格和价格的详细信息,但根据我们了解,它的价格应该比同等尺寸的Reef Octopus Regal蛋分型号的价格低。 如果所有这些功能都正常使用,那么这款迈光Aeraqua Duo将会成为我们久违的最具创新性的蛋白质分离器之一。




The Aeraqua Duo is a spanking new protein skimmer from Maxspect which has more than just a few innovations under the hood. At first glance the skimmer has a fairly classic appearance and layout, with some neat refinements across the board.

The body of the Maxspect Aeraqua is a refined version of a ‘pipeless’ protein skimmer with an integrated air hose and a vertical water level adjustment knob for a very clean and streamlined look. Another neat feature is a built in shut off valve in the collection cup that will turn off the pump when the cup is full.

But perhaps the most obvious difference you can see in the Aeraqua Duo is that it uses Maxspect’s Turbine Duo centrifugal pump. By using the Turbine Duo the Aeraqua Duo already has double the needle wheels and volutes for taking in air and chopping them into teeny tiny little bubbles. This feature alone should give the Maxspect Aeraqua a ridiculous amount of air intake for that size of a protein skimmer. 

But within the pump Maxspect has cooked up another innovation with the invention of a dualneedle wheel inside the air/water mixing chamber. Basically there’s a classic needle wheel that spins with the motor but there’s also a stationary needle wheel, more like a needle ‘ring’,built into the volute. The moving needle wheel spins inside of this secondary needle wheel/ring further macerating the air-water mixture into ridiculously frothy foam. 

We don’t yet have details on the sizes, specs, and pricing for the new MaxSpect Aeraqua Duo but we’re told that it should be lower priced than similarly sized Reef Octopus Regal skimmer models. If all these features hold up in regular usage they could make the new Maxspect Aeraqua Duo one of the most innovative protein skimmers we’ve seen in quite some time, and we hope to learn more about it from the Coralvue booth at Reefapalooza next weekend.