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Check Out This Wild New Concept CORE Disc From Oceanexus

We’ve seen frag plugs and frag discs made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but not sure if we’ve seen a frag disc with quite this design. These intriguing CORE discs come to us from Oceanexus via LSS Laboratory and instead of being solid, these are actually in a grid pattern with a network of holes all the way through. 


The first obvious use of a grate-like coral disc like this is to increase surface area, heck you might be able to use these as great biomedia for nano reef tanks even. But other than perhaps being a little troublesome to superglue flat corals onto, it might be interesting to break out some of the ‘cells’ to wedge SPS frags into, and some encrusting species might even grow faster on this ‘aerated’ surface, who knows?


Perhaps the extra under-frag circulation from these discs may help some tough corals to attach, for some reason the soft corals seem like they’d be a good candidate too since you’d be able to use the holes to tie them down. Not every swing is a hit but sometimes it takes a while to notice that it’s a homerun, time will tell with these grid-like CORE discs from Oceanexus. 

评论: 2


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