Two Little Fishies公司使用经过测试的氯化镧添加剂,研发出Phosban-L这款新型液态磷酸盐还原剂。磷酸盐是水族玩家最讨厌的敌人,因为它助长了藻类影响了珊瑚缸的洁净、健康。

Two Little Fishies率先在磷酸盐吸附剂Phosban中加入粒状氧化铁(GFO前者仍然是普通家庭水族箱减少磷酸盐的最有效方法之一。但如果您的水族箱非常大或者磷酸盐输入特别GFO可以快速地助您减少磷酸盐


Two Little Fishies公司推出了两种规格Phospban-L液态磷酸盐还原剂分别是500ml1加仑3.8还有推出了浓缩的还原剂粉末,用户自行溶解和稀释。




New Phospban-L Liquid Phosphate Reducer from Two Little FIshies

Phosban-L is a new liquid phosphate reducer from Two Little Fishies using the tried and tested Lanthanum Chloride additive. Phosphate is just about public enemy number one when it comes to having a clean and healthy reef tank with minimal algae growth. 


Two Little Fishies pioneered the use of granular ferric oxide (GFO) with phosban and this is still one of the most effective ways to reduce phosphates on average home tanks. But if you have a very large tank or exceptionally high phosphate input, GFO can get really expensive real fast. 


Dosing Lanthanum to aquarium water is much more economical and can actually be more easily automated since you can use a programmable doser for regular additions. The only drawback is that LaCl can really only bring down phosphates to around 0.1 ppm while GFO will scavenge all available PO4 down to near undetectable levels. 

Two Little Fishies is making Phospban-L in two sizes as a liquid, a 500ml and one gallon size, as well as a concentrated powder form that you can dissolve and dilute yourself.