RED X是德国公司Fauna Marin研发的一种新型液体添加剂,能够帮助鱼友消除蓝细菌轻度甲藻感染金藻和硅藻等滋藻类。

Fauna Marin表示,RED X采用特殊配方,以生物/有机方式防止水族箱中的藻类生长,效力温和,而且它不含抗生素其他处方药,因此对水族箱中的其他生物无害,包括鱼类珊瑚和无脊椎动物(遵照说明使用)。

使用这款添加剂治疗非常简单,每100水加入10毫升添加剂续六天使用,在使用五天之后您就能看到治疗效果Fauna Marin公司建议用户不要换水,也不要使用磷酸盐去除剂或其他吸收介质,并在11的治疗中关闭所有臭氧紫外线。

预防一次滋藻类爆发,Fauna Marin公司建议用户使用他们的Fauna Marin ReBiotic

RED X由三种成分组成分别是氯化钠和水杨酸。由于它含有水杨酸,因此具有腐蚀性,用户使用时要小心。如果发生不小心沾到皮肤上,请立即用清水冲洗。

Fauna Marin RED X现已上市,有两种规格可供选择——100ml瓶装500ml瓶装它们的零售价分别为24,95欧元20039,95欧元320




Fauna Marin RED X wants to eliminate your nuisance algae

Fauna Marin RED X is a new liquid additive by the German company to help aquarists rid themselves of nuisance algae like green and red cyanobacteria, mild dinoflagellate infestations, gold and armor algae and diatoms.

Fauna Marin describes RED X as a special formula that prevents algae growth in the aquarium in a biological / organic way and is very gentle to aquarium inhabitants. The good news is it doesn’t contain antibiotics or other prescription meds so its reef safe for all your inhabitants including fish, corals and invertebrates (when used according to the label of course).

Treatment seems pretty straightforward using 10ml per 100 liters for six days and you’ll see the results around five days after that. Fauna Marin recommends no water changes, carbon, phosphate removers or other absorption media and to turn off any ozone or UV for the 11 days of treatment.

For preventative measures against another outbreak, Fauna Marin recommends adding its Fauna Marin ReBiotic.

Fauna Marin RED X is made of three ingredients — water, sodium chloride and salicylic acid. Since it does have salicylic acid, it can be corrosive so take care when getting it on your skin or other surfaces. If that happens, ensure you flush with fresh water.

Fauna Marin RED X is now available and comes in two sizes a 100ml bottle that retails for