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Poma Labs公司人工繁殖的神仙鱼,特别是限量生产的仙鱼bells angels都非常酷。本届展会的明星绝对是ACI展出的小老虎仙





Coral Eye Candy Overload From ReefAPalooza Orlando

There’s no question about it — Reefapalooza is part of a small group of reef shows that have become an annual – cultural phenomenon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, reefing is a social hobby — there’s no better shot in the arm for a reefer than to go to a reef show, — seeing all the corals and gear, meeting and talking with other reefers, it just gets me so excited about what’s happening in the reef aquarium world, and it especially motivates me and helps me enjoy my tanks more than ever.


I did a couple fun livestreams highlighting just a couple of the standout tanks and products I wanted to feature on both days – so be sure to check the link in the description to see a first person point of view of Reefapalooza in Orlando.


But for this video I really just want to bring you a nice, uncut dose of pure eye candy. I gotta say that more than any other year, there were too many corals to really take them all in. It’s not just that there are lots and lots of coral vendors at Reefpalooza, it’s that each year they all have more and better corals.


More than any other year, there was actually a number of remarkable fish at the show, especially exotic species including wrasses and angelfish. The captive bred angelfish from Poma Labs, especially the limited runs of bells angels were cool to see. The star of the show was definitely the small tiger angelfish at ACI, but you’ll have to check out the Saturday livestream to see that one. 


Since Reefapalooza grows so much every year, it gets increasingly harder to create a comprehensive video on everything about it. But I hope you’ve enjoyed this nice uncut dose of coral eye candy from the show. Super big props to the Reefapalooza organizers and the staff, I know how hard it is, and simply how much time it takes to put together a big aquarium party like Reefapalooza. Thanks to everyone for tuning in, and I’ll catch you guys on the next adventure.

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